Salena Godden

kind words about The Path Less Travelled by the poet Salena Godden who performed her unique poetry at the recent Do Lectures

her article gives a glimpse of the wide variety of people who collide in to the Do Lectures

when she started to read there were about 15 people around the fire
poetry in the digital age ? give over ….
the howls of laughter and sharp intakes of breath drew the audience, drew all the other speakers, drew everyone to the fire-side.

she spun lines at the same rate as she quaffed wine. she rocked !!

a poet, taking the Do Lectures barn stage, after an iconic British band, to read a written-in-an-hour poem, which was a prize in an auction, for a man who is screaming at the world to end child suffering in the Congo.

that just about sums up the Do Lectures really.

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