“On 17 May 1982 Peter Boardman and Joe Tasker were last seen on Mount Everest attempting to traverse The Pinnacles on the unclimbed North East Ridge at around 8250 metres. Their deaths marked the end of a remarkable era in British mountaineering.

Peter and Joe left two legacies. One was their great endeavour, their climbs on high peaks with bold, lightweight innovative methods which included Dunagiri, Changabang, Kongur, Everest and Kangchenjunga. The second and more lasting achievement were the books they wrote and left behind.

This literary legacy lives on through the Boardman Tasker Prize for mountain literature set up by family and friends in 1983”

I was ten years old when Pete and Joe vanished. I never had heroes growing up, i consider hero worship to be unhealthy. I did however, like most boys with an urge for wilderness burning inside them like a loose roman candle fully ablaze, yearn for the high mountains, and read the exploits of mountaineers voraciously.
The writing of Pete Boardman, and particularly of Joe Tasker, just blew me away.
They really, really, do not make ‘em like that any more.

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