Smoke Signals 1 – The Coldest Journey

Me again.
Cold out !
Could be colder.
When Sir Ranulph Fiennes and his team depart on The Coldest Journey , in December 2012, Microsoft will go live on a remarkable piece of interactive educational software that allows schools and children to access interactive learning materials.
One of the aims of the expedition is to inspire children to become the engineers, scientists and leaders of tomorrow.
Schools and Colleges can subscribe to the password protected learning material (and see examples of it) here Educational Resource
It costs £150 for Nursery and Primary Schools and £400 for Secondary and above.
Profit funds the expedition. Excess goes to the charity Seeing Is Believing for whom the expediion aspires to raise $10M
Hopefully your homes, schools and colleges won’t experience the complete darkness and minus ninety degrees centigrade that Sir Ranulph and his team will have to endure, but you can get involved with the expedition, and educate, inspire and enthuse children about the Antarctic winter.
The expediton is on twitter @coldestjourney

Tomo Thompson
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