Sorry i dont understand

So there i was, sat in the lay-by by the nice lake enjoying my bacon sarnie from the van for my elevenses.

Rat a tat tat went my side window.
Both of them.

A twenty something youth was stood either side of my van.
They both came from somewhere not very sunny, trialled and errored with grooming products, and wore Makita shelled fleeces.

So i gets out, simultaneously locking my van.




“A what”

“Jenny enasaw”

“Sorry mate, i’ve no idea what you’re saying”

Meanwhile the pair of blokes from the other 4×4 were having the same linguistic difficulties explaining themselves to the other car owners in the lay-by

“Doo yoos wanna jenny rator ora ded smart chain sore all new you know, in the van, cash, wanem ?”

Did i want a generator or a stihl saw out the back of an Toyota 4×4, from an Irish youth of disputable honesty, in a lay-by just off Jct 4 of the M54 ?

No thankyou.

Sorry i dont understand

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