Part visually stunning calendar, part mountaineering history lesson, part collection of inspirational quotes and humorous photographs.

I was 9 when Pete Boardman and Joe Tasker died on the North East ridge of Everest. My early forays in to the Lakeland Hills brought me in to touch with a relative of Joe, and through him i was introduced to the inspirational books of both climbers.

As a foot note to the December 2013 picture of the part of the NE ridge where Pete and Joe were last seen in March 1982, there is this quotation from the book Savage Arena by Joe Tasker:

“If i had died, i would have wanted no sorrow. I would have been exercising the drive and vitality which made me friends or enemies in ordinary life. If i did not do something to the limit, if i had not channelled my energies into climbing, i would not be a person liked or disliked, but someone mediocre”. 

The calendar is available from Vertebrate Publishing (click on the image). 

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