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The polar explorer Ben Saunders first put me on to Brenig a year or so ago. Brenig, in their own words make, “tough comfort clothing”. I have been in email contact with Graham Ogle for a few months about a hat.
I have spent the best part of twenty years with either cold ears, cold nape of neck, or a cold head whilst out on the mountains in the cold months. In that time i must have bought thirty hats of all sorts and shapes that all ride up, ride off, or just don’t stay on for one reason or another. The principle reason being the size of my melon.

Graham sent the prototype for the hat on Saturday. As you can see from the photos i immediately fell asleep in it dreaming of cold climbs in Northern corries. I tested it today in “anger”, in that i wore it under my helmet for several hours of belay, systems and anchors revision (courtesy of Baz Whale Aspirant MIA) at my new favourite place, Ippikins Rock on Wenlock Edge. A grand little esoteric limestone outcrop it is too.

The problem with a melon that big is once (finally, after years of waiting) it gets warm it gets very warm, so the hat was on and off all day. It fitted great, went on under a helmet, and kept my cerebral faculties toasty.
Although simple in shape and fabrics (it’s a windproof outer thin fleece akin to Karisma, with a thin fleece (think polartec) inner, the hat works because it has been made big to fit a big thing.

I’ll send a note to Graham today with the observation that my only observation was that i could hardly hear a thing whilst i was wearing it. It insulated and windproofed me too much. I was lip reading for most of the day. Maybe some kind of puncturing mega thin holes around the ears would work ? Other than that a stripe of reflective material on the back (so i can wear it running and cycling too), and an overt Brenig sign.

I can’t be the only bloke playing in the great outdoors with a gargantuan melon so i expect Graham to be able to retire shortly on the thousands of sales.

I’m calling it “the melon toasty”.

Thanks Graham !

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