One of the things TPLT suggest to schools that we work with is a blackboard on the outside of the school entrance with a new motivational quote or really useful web address on it daily. Place it so that pupils, parents and visitors can’t help but see it when they arrive in the mornings.

The same board can be wiped clean just before the end of the day and turned in to a what-did-you-think-of-school-today ? board for pupils to write on. An anonymous outlet for praise or criticism is a proven tool in businesses and in the hospitality industry.

As always, there are social media bolt-ons for;
– finding the quotes or web addresses in the first place
– suggsting pupils and parents use their photo apps to capture and share the message of the day
– spreading BOTH positive and negative end of day scribblings on the school website, with explanations, context and actions where applicable
– giving appropriate age groups the task of finding inspirational quotes, perhaps relevant to a period of the curriculum they are currently studying.

One last thing, don’t multi use the board too much. Use it for the two purposes listed above. If you start writing wet weather notices or assembly times on it it WILL get ignored.

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