The best film ever (since Chariots of Fire).

Chariots of Fire is the best film ever made. No point arguing the toss. It just is.

But it just might get knocked off its perch.

Project Wild Thing* might not be the best film ever made, but it may well be the most important.

It premieres tomorrow in Sheffield.

I’m so stoked by the idea of it that The Path Less Travelled funded it with the bit of money we had left from the rest of the money we had given away to similar causes.

Dr Tim Gill has written a review of the film here;

Loads of people from Cameron McNeish to Tristan Gooley are raising their voices now in a bid to do something to re-engage kids with the natural environment.
Because humans do not care about things they don’t care about. There remains the distinct possibility that in one or two generations time conkers, pooh sticks, and outdoor experiential play, adventure and learning has been replaced by nettle stings on the Wii, and an App called building a dam in the local stream.

If you don’t believe me watch the film.
If you do believe me watch the film.

*click the post title to view trailer

The best film ever (since Chariots of Fire).

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