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is very sad, but not totally unexpected at that quarry at this time of year.
I have spent many many days wandering, teaching and leading groups around the Malvern hills and this quarry is just plain dangerous.
The Malvern Conservators spend a lot of time and money keeping the place tidy and have put up a number of quite blatant signs stating the sub surface hazards, and also the extra long time taken for an ambulance to reach that quarry.

As it is one of the largest ponds of water in the area the quarry attracts party-goers with bbq’s, beers and even inflatable sun loungers who ignore the signs and spend summer days swimming and partying there.

The quarry has a grim history both in the contents of the bottom of it, and the previous long list of very serious injuries and fatalities that have occured there.

I’m 100% in favour of risk and adventure, but flooded quarries, and this one in particular, are just plain dangerous.

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