Fitting air con to Gulliver for cool air when static.

Here’s how:

Buy 2m of climbing cord £1.50
Buy 2 x accessory krabs £5
Work the rest out for yourself.

The lowest setting allows cool air in whilst sleeping.

Speaking of which i know a guide who, whilst asleep in a service station car park in France, had the hinge of his boot levered open and an aerosol of a form of sleeping gas sprayed in.
He woke up 20+ hours later having been relieved of every item in the van except him and his sleeping bag.

On a lighter note, the “biography of the VW camper” by the inimitable Mike Harding was mentioned this morning on Saturday Live on R4.
He took his camper round the Lakes to Grasmere, the ODG and a did a spot of fishing too. Listen again here :

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