Snakes and Ladders (and Tunnels)

Before starting I would like to point out the serious nature of this route. It is given the British Trad Grade of HVS which is probably quite accurate in describing the adjective danger of this excursion and the level of experience required before it should be attempted. This is not a route to get your cheeky first HVS tick, because it won’t count. I cannot stress enough that this route should only be attempted by experienced climbers that are familiar with the dangers of climbing in these quarries and that fully understand the risks involved. I strongly recommend against taking novices or inexperienced climbers. Good life insurance wouldn’t go a miss either.
Anyway, i did this route yesterday, in foul weather.
It took ages. It was awesome.
Stepping off one ladder and on to another, when both are barely fixed to the quarry walls, over a 100ft drop is quite a buzz.

A combination of via ferrata, climbing, abseiling, caving and quarry tour. The route passes a legacy of both quarrying history and slate climbing brilliance.

A head for heights, strong situational awareness inside what is a dangerous post-industrial environment, and strong nerves are required.
A great day

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