A day in the life ….

Got up just after i went to bed.
Drove to a small country called Wales.
Reduced my time on the Snakes and Ladders traverse of the Llanberis Quarries by half (now i know those ladders are only really really loose and not REALLY loose).
The sun came out.
Went to Pete’s Eats for a pint of tea.
Bumped in to Johnny Dawes.
Llanberis was scorchio.
Drove over the pass to have a beer in the very same bar that the first ascensionists of Everest sipped their ale in whilst training for the climb.
Drove down towards Beddgelert and the Gwynant campsite.
Now pitched by the Llyn.
After a frickin’ cold open water swim i’ll be prep’ing pasta and vin rouge by the fire pit.
I’ll fall asleep sooner or later.
But then dash up Snowdon for breakfast before heading home (to pick up mini me and come back for another four days).

“My father considered a walk in the mountains as the equivalent of churchgoing”
– Aldous Huxley

“Life is a limited time offer, live deliberately”
– Specialized bikes.

“Wales is fucking mega”
– Me

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