Krypton Community College

Dear 95% of the education system that is still delivering “education” to rows of small people facing the front, this is Krypton Community College; the past, present and future of learning.

Seth Godin wrote a manifesto for a new way of learning called Stop Stealin’ Dreams.

Most “educators” in the world found it too challenging to stare in to that particular mirror. They just kept lining the kids up and feeding ‘em the syrup of prescribed “learning”.

Seth meanwhile coralled the finest educators, innovators and agitators.
Then they founded Krypton

Why ? ….
“• We can offer it around the world, including to the underprivileged and ignored
• We can find the very best lectures and content in the world and spread them where they need to go
• We can do it for free”

The kick in the bollocks for the naysayers …..

“We don’t want monetary concerns to stop people from organizing or joining courses. Krypton courses are free for all, forever. Learning, unlike every physical resource, doesn’t wear out. It doesn’t cost more as we do it more. It spreads and it scales. Learn with us…”

If you visit Ironbridge in Shropshire you will observe a World Heritage Site and museums to the Industrial Revolution. Past tense. Gone. History.
Sooner or later the education system it spawned will be history too.

Don’t face the front and shut up.

Face wherever you want, learn what floats your boat and fires your brain, and the results will be pure kryptonite …

“Learning is what we call it when education works.”
– Seth Godin

Krypton Community College

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