Tony to Ben

Some of you may be aware that today two British men sit next to a small air strip in Punta Arenas about (weather willing), to begin the hardest journey known to mankind. The outcome of there endeavour is far from guaranteed. One of the finest explorers in history died trying.

I had wanted to write a “please sit up and take some fucking notice” article to we Britons about the Scott Expedition 2013. Not out of any false bravado or sicophancy, but because we’ve collectively retired in to a centrally heated world of collective averageness.

The journey to the start line of this expedition would kill or cripple many of us.

I guess i just want the digitally addicted here and nows to take time to monitor the Antarctic wastes over the next four months.
To consider the art of the possible.
Human endeavour of the highest order will be played out there.

God willing, history will be made too.

I never got round to writing the article. I only got as far as reading this letter from Tony Haile to his friend, and expedition leader, Ben Saunders:

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