I own in excess of five hundred books. I have bought, and subsequently given away, at least five hundred more that didn’t flick the switch enough to warrant being boxed up and carted around during my twenty-seven (and counting) home moves. A very very small number of those books have left me with the feeling that it has been a privilege to turn their pages. This first book from James Rebanks now joins those few. It is a genuinely important book; dare i say it, literally, a Wordsworth for the times we are in. Times that, ironically, may hasten the demise of the land, ways and the peoples, that are the soul of the book. The book educates and it entertains. Moreover it is a book that challenges you to reflect on your relationship with your own parents. I turned the last of the pages about shepherding struggles, of ewes, tups and lambs, of mountains and of the changing seasons, having, in some way, read a little bit about myself. I cannot recommend the book highly enough.

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