So the intention was to see 2016 in from a decent vantage point.
I spend so much time on and around Mam Tor “professionally” that it feels like a friend, and so it was that I left home at 4.45am to see the sunrise from up there ….

This chap was the only person on the summit when i arrived. He had no real idea where he was having set off from Nottingham and followed a “dropped pin on an iphone” that his mate had sent him.

The initial rise wasn’t great. This was the best image. The lights are those of the villages of Hope and Castleton in the Hope Valley.

….. then just as the wind kicked up a bit and it got “interestingly cold” there was a five minute light display which was really quite something

Having gone on foot from Castleton to Mam Tor very early, and then from Mam Tor back to Castleton, I then went out the back of the village and took the farm tracks up on to Lose Hill. Never underestimate the core stability required (and not possessed by me) to walk efficiently across sodden farm fields uphill. I was proper blowing by the time i got up there. I was however rewarded with this: the view across the topograph on the hill top looking towards Castleton.

I then followed the watershed along to Mam Tor (up it again) and then quickly avoided the many dozens of walkers that had walked up from the nearby National Trust car park (to clear their heads), I walked up on to Rushup Edge. Getting about 99% less footfall than Mam Tor does, the cold wind and sub zero temperatures had frozen puddles and tussocks that walking boots hadn’t yet cracked. This one caught my eye.

I then descended via Chapel Gate to Barber Booth and on to Edale. On the way I saw another of these beautiful signs from the 1930’s by the Footpath Preservation Society. Built to last !
My walk after that was via a disappointing lunch and ale in Edale and then one last uphill mud-fest on to Hollins Cross and straight over the watershed back to Castleton.

That’ll do for the first day of the year !

PS all photos are taken on an iPhone6 and are unfettered by app or software.

PPS I am available to guide walks and instruct climbing in any of the National Parks (not just the Peak District !!), you can contact me to discuss ideas and dates via the “get in touch” tab above.

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