I got a letter from the doctor yesterday. It said contact him urgently to discuss blood test results. He posted it 6 days ago, during which time it travelled 4 miles. I had requested the tests because I have peaks and troughs of energy, tiredness and concentration. Coupled with being in my near mid-40s i thought i’d play safe. I rang the surgery and the receptionist, who confirmed that she couldn’t see my notes, said “we have an appointment tomorrow, you’ll probably be okay ‘til then”. I didn’t sleep much last night. Thoughts of cholesterol, diabetes, and the googling of “bad blood test results man forties” didn’t help. I sat in reception this morning bricking it. The doc called me in and ran through the results. Nowt to worry about. In fact my cholesterol had lowered. All clear on the rest too. “How come i got a letter with the word Urgent on it, and a X next to the box that said "abnormal blood test results ?”. Oh that’s just an IT thing he said, the computer often doesn’t fill the form in as I intend it to. “Oh……. computers eh!!” said I. I left and bimbled around work for the day lacking concentration. I wondered how I would have reacted if I had been genuinely quite ill. I resolved to live a little healthier. To grab this life by the scruff of its neck and live positively and deliberately. I went for a run this evening in the local woods. The smallest journey starts with 45 minutes of muddy steps. I swear i smelt Spring and saw vivid colours amongst the winter grey.

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