Beinn a Bheithir (hill of the thunderbolt) today. If you know Ballachulish, it is the rearing large mountain behind it with the prominent ridges.

The left and right summits are Munros (Sgorr Dhearg 1024m and Sgorr Dhonuill 1001m respectively).

Wonderfully clear morning for 3000ft from sea level. The snow pack is very varied at the moment, everything from sugar to mega sketchy windslab. Some fairly huge cornices up there too.

The light play between the summits was exceptional, as was the wind speed in places. Descending Dhearg i was dislodging dinner plate sizes of windslab which the wind was blowing horizontally off to my left for tens of metres in mid air. The wind roaring up to the bealach must have been above 50mph.

I was very lucky to find myself in a brocken spectre as well which was good to photograph.

I descended Dhonuill back to the bealach and for some reason opted to descend in to Gleann an Fiodh (as opposed to the usual trudge down through The forest to the North). A different perspective on the end of the day.

The ascent, snow wading, and heather bashing during the day have left my legs suitably hammered. Hills are just a lot bigger up here than where i normally walk, guide and instruct in the Peaks and Lakes.

Various forms of re-hydration shall now take place !

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