If you climb, please read this; clipping in to an autobelay system at a climbing wall requires fewer mental and physical actions than tying in to a rope. There is only one action to remember to undertake really (unclip the krab from its anchor and clip it on to your belay loop in one fluid movement). I have just witnessed the second occasion in 3 months of a climber failing / forgetting to undertake this 1 action. He set off up a 13 metre wall without any connection to any belay system. When i got to him he was convinced he had clipped in. He had no idea how or why he hadn’t, but he hadn’t. Had he got to the top of the climb and casually stepped backwards as one does when connected to an autobelay he would be, at best, fighting for his life tonight. Autobelay climbing is producing a care-free approach to climbing which has almost killed 2 people i know. Please concentrate, take your time, and check before leaving the floor. Cheers.

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