I checked earlier and realised that Professor of Adventure (the play about Millican Dalton) was sold out for the duration at Theatre by the Lake in Keswick.

As i was walking back past from an evening stroll to Friars Crag i thought i’d pop in and ask anyway. There were no tickets for Thursday or Friday, but the person in front of me had just returned some tickets for this evening. Under-dressed but in.

I lived in Millicans cave for the Summer of ‘92, so i had high hopes for the play.

It was held in the upstairs studio in the theatre (seating about 120), and was close and atmospheric. The stage build and cave wall replica is really really good (i got told off for photographing it as it is apparently copyrighted !!).

Suffice to say that as a play in its own right, this two hour one man show by Peter Macqueen (writer and performer) is excellent. That it wonderfully brought to life a person, folklore and life for whom I have great respect (i lived in the cave for the Summer of ’92), made for a great evening.

I even managed to get two tickets for the preview evening of Herdwick Shepherd (the play about the book by James Rebanks) too !!

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