After the bright lights of that there London Town yesterday, it was back to the flatlands today.

An evening bike ride from home to the City of Lincoln, then on to the Water Rail Way (yes, again) and the River Witham towards The Wash.

Saturday evening. Sun shining. Swans, Marsh harriers, buzzards, coots, hares, partridge, big fish, ducklings …. but no humans. Well, about 10 in three hours. It was as if Sustrans had laid that line of tarmac just for me.

Every village and hamlet i pedalled through had the flickering light of a massive tv screen on the wall and a square eyed family sat three feet away gawping at it. Whilst outside Mother Nature put on her own light show in very high definition.

I stopped in the hamlet of Southrey and drank a few big glasses of an electrolyte drink from Cornwall called Doom Bar, what with it being warm and all !

I didn’t need to turn my bike lights on until 9.50pm.

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