Sunday …..

1 put on new socks

2 pedal about 30 miles and eat

3 pedal over a rise and stop dead when you see a very big ship coming towards you across a field

4 – arrive at “the sea-side” with Geraldine (my Ribble bike).

Or to be more accurate, about a kilometre from where the marsh meets the waters of The Wash. Land fettered and land unfettered and the sea. And me. And Geraldine.

Somewhere i’ve never been before, and what this remarkable place lacks in rolling hills it more than makes up for in birdsong, wild flowers, light play and colour.

And head wind. Oh my the head wind.

5 – the observant amongst you will notice the lack of my usual shocking pink Rapha water bottles on my bike. i’d done about 20 miles from home before i realised those 2x 750ml of electrolyte were chilling in the fridge
so today was proof that man can do 80 miles on just coffee
i did buy a bottle of water here, but about 2 milea down the road, at a junction, my chain slipped off, as i fixed it the water bottle fell out and a “nice” man in a BMW 4×4 drove over it
nice windmill

6 – lines

7 – imagine as you turned in to your road after many hours on a bike, you were followed in by an ice cream van…..
because i’m worth it

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