Coffee tastes better when made fresh and enjoyed outside. Fact.

With a little bit of notice I am able to bring the equipment, and some of the finest coffee(s) in the world, to prepare exceptional coffee whilst walking, climbing or scrambling in extraordinary places.

This doesn’t need to be Ben Nevis.
Catching the right evening light on a stroll in the Lincolnshire Wolds, at the foot of a crag in the Peak District, or canoeing on to an island in the Lake District, and pausing to prepare fresh coffee, is a wonderful thing to do.

All of my coffee comes from in Lincoln.

I can prepare coffee outdoors using several different methods, and can also pre-prepare Cold Brew coffee given sufficient notice. I am also very happy to advise on the best equipment and simplest methods for making your own fresh coffee in the great outdoors.

The Americans call it “coffeeneuring”, coffee + randonneuring. Indeed going for a walk or a bike ride with the purpose being to stop somewhere, slow down the pace of life, and engage in the process of brewing up is gaining ground as an activity in its own right.

Drop me a line if you would like to partake in some exceptional coffee in extraordinary places.

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