If you possess a few climbing or mountaineering books on your bookshelf, chances are some of them will have been written, edited or published by Ken Wilson.

Vertebrate Publishing (supporters of the AMA) described Ken as having “an eye for class, a nose for bullshit”.

His influence on the global climbing media and climbing politics is far reaching and influential:

Editor of Mountain magazine from 1969 until 1978
Owner of Diadem publishers from 1978 until 1989, (until it was incorporated into Hodder).
1993 – set up the publishing house, Baton Wicks

Publisher and author of;
The Hard Rock series
The Games Climbers Play,
The Black Cliff
Cold Climbs
Wild, Classic and Big Walks

“Mountain magazine is still spoken of in hallowed tones today and influenced quality publications such as Alpinist magazine, as a mountaineering journal of record, with a strong voice, beautiful photography and as a place for robust intellectual debate. Ken’s background in architecture gave a him a good grounding in photography and design and this was reflected in Mountain magazine’s clean and graphic look.” – UKC

Ken was awarded the Boardman Tasker Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015

Ken passed away this weekend.

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