Midsummer. The full tilt of the Earth on its axis. For some, this day pulls them along ancient hidden ley lines. Senses hyper-tuned to nature.

Curious, and cynical, I walked some of those lines. At midsummer a few years ago, i sat, mockingly, beneath a white leaved ancient oak, on a ley. My biases and heuristics telling me “it’s just an old tree”. Something happened. A feeling that my language doesn’t have words for. Static ? Presence ? Nature ? Something ? Having given in trying to fathom, i lay in the grass nearby pulse roaring. Breathing and feeling. Perhaps in trying to learn and to understand Nature, and reaching a point where we realise somethings “just are”, we are taught a wider lesson. One on understanding and acceptance. That perspectives differ. That to engage with and to listen and learn, is better than to mock, or to disregard, or to fight.

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