Wild Cherry tea to start the day. Probably the most important political decision making day of our generation, and for the generation of our children. Vote how you will. Whatever the outcome, i think there ought to be an examination of the National conscience and a debate on how allowing this referendum to happen, and how it played out, brought out so much lying, spittle and vitriol. A Britain in which those that lead, and those that would aspire to lead, lie out loud in order to influence, isolate, impact and ignite the population is no longer Great. If we were sold an insurance policy in the manner that we have been sold (or unsold) membership of the European Union, it would be acknowledged that our rights as consumers had been infringed, and the Ombudsman would have a field day. I fear that the aftermath of today, either way, won’t be pleasant. A few metres away in my garden a Green Woodpecker is headbutting a cherry tree. Perhaps he knows.

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