#blatantlysolicitedgiftideas No. 247 / @vertebrate_publishing are offering 20% off all books until 21 Dec / Almost every book you hear me rabbiting on about on here and on my blog (and in my review columns) are published by Vertebrate. / My top tips 1) The Matt Dickinson trilogy of adventure-climb-sci-fi books for kids 2) The Bond by Simon McCartney (obvs) 3) Alpine Exposure by Jon Griffith for anyone with an eye for superlative photography, and 4) Deep Play by Paul Pritchard for those keen to remember, or too young to know, what an anarchic hot-bed of bold climbing brilliance Britain was in the 80’s. // There’s also small guidebooks on there too for running, MTBing, cycling, climbing and walking all over the UK. /// ‘Reading is dreaming with open eyes’.

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