A busy holiday period for the Mountain Rescue Teams of England, Scotland and Wales. You can read the details of the incidents elsewhere. Volunteers and helicopter crews heading off in to dangerous winter nights to search for and rescue people in very challenging conditions. / The couple and their dog that were found safe and reasonably well in the Cairngorms owe their lives to one of these £2.50 thick large plastic bags. They overnighted in a blizzard at about minus 20c in it // One of these fits down the back of the smallest day sack. A good headtorch and spare batteries costs about £15 from Alpkit. A small portable battery charger for a phone costs about £8 from Primark. A plastic whistle costs 75p from Decathlon. /// When you go in to the hills, in addition to your ‘normal’ clothing and equipment, give yourself a chance by carrying a few hundred grams of shelter + food + light source + means of communicating. These few items may also shorten the time required for the rescue services to locate you. \ Advice and practical training on the equipment and skills necessary for safe and enjoyable adventure in the hills and mountains, as well as an understanding of what to do in an emergency, can be sought from a member of these organisations @brit_mt_guides @ami_professionals @mtntraining

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