Left home at 7. Wanted to bite off 50 miles of the PBW then turn round. Got to Middleton Top (start of the PBW) at 8. The toilets, cafe and info centre open at 9.30. The car parking machine doesnt take cards. I drive to the local village and wait until the store there opens at 9. They won’t give me the change in pound coins so i have to break in to a fiver twice. Back up the hill. Pay the £4.40 parking (actually paid £4.50, like most people, in to a no-change machine). Set off. Soaked within a mile. Met two ‘proper’ bikepackers after 20 miles. Riding Cotics. Loaded with Wildcat. Moving without trying. I learnt a lot by looking. Nattering. They were doing the whole PBW. ‘What Would Jenn Do ?’ stickers on their top bars. I saw them in the distance as another wet rocky section ground me and 22 yr old canti-brakes bike to a walk. Garmin ceased working again. I got to the Rushup Edge crossing and had a talk to myself. Turned round. I think at about 35 miles ? Sun appeared on the way back. A bit drier. Tad faster. On and on and on. Got back to a parking ticket. My valid ticket must have flipped over on the dashboard as i closed the van. The ‘enforcement agency’ small print gives no sympathy to up turned valid tickets. So i might as well have not arsed around trying to be nice in the first place and just pedalled off at 8 instead of after 9. Not putting my CrudCatcher back on last night was a big soggy mistake. The staff at Middleton Top were very kind staying open a bit after hours and letting me wash my bike down and drink tea. ‘Parkings nowt to do wi’ us’ they opined. / knackered now, drinking van-brew tea below Stanage. Thumb hovering over the buy-it-now button on a PBW proof bike.

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