Quote from Tracksterman on his blog on Tumblr. He’s mainly on two wheels these days, but his depth of experience in the mountains of the world on feet and wheels (and his knowledge of outdoor equipment) is very significant. He knows what he’s talking about. His comments about the importance of map reading are echoed in at least 4 other articles i have read this last week, including one today on @ukclimbing. That articled touches on the increasingly high level participation in ‘outdoor sports’ but the growing decline in basic outdoor skills like camping and navigation. I’ve argued for 20+ years that basic map reading should be on the National Curriculum because it promotes spatial awareness, and a greater appreciation of the natural environment. To run, walk, climb, paddle or cycle anywhere, without actually knowing where you are, what’s around you, and where you’re going, must be akin to going on a coach holiday to somewhere spectacular and never getting off the bus.

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