So. From Fairholmes (quiet due to the confusion hour) • Bike ‘fully laden’ for no particular reason 😳 • Up to Lockerbrook (to get rid of the vestiges of yesterdays whisky-a-thon) • Adopt best middle-aged-man -is-not-amused-face as 3 DofE groups go past all with bluetooth speakers on full teen-pop mode • Try and find a way across the tops from up there to over towards Ronksley Cabin • Fail • Descend the recently gained 500ft • Ride to said cabin via Westend Beck (ascending 1000ft), quiet with no weekday timber working • Quick brew in with the proles • Follow little more than a sheep trod past cabin and down Lower Small Clough to River Derwent • Ride down to Slippery Stones • Chat to Woodhead MRT out marshalling / doing safety for a fell race • Join the round-the-reservoirs throng of folk out on such a lovely day • Turn East and ride / hike a bike up Abbey Brook • Make a brew in the remains of the hut in Cogman Clough • Back to Abbey Tip Plantation • Yet another brew and an all-day-breakfast boil in the bag (it must be increasingly unusual for people to see someone making tea with a small stove in the outdoors judging by the very odd looks i was getting • Down to Fairholmes to the bike wash stand • Become the star attraction of the tea and cake queue as they watch someone wash a bike 🙄 • In van • Across to Outside in Hathersage for soup and …. even more tea • Buy bright purple trousers off sale rail on a whim • Text @stefanamato from the cafe, then bump in to him in the shop • Home via the Stanage sunset • Not that many miles pedalled but about 5000ft of up which isn’t too shabby • Write stuff down whilst drinking tea •

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