Man Bag 1 (a review)
Arcteryx Slingblade 4 Shoulder Bag.
I’ve had this 6 months now. Essentially i can stow everything i need for a mobile office. The inner sleeve takes a large (10") iPad. Cables. Pens books, a gilet etc etc. It can be carried in the hand, across the shoulder, and it had a stabilising ‘courier’ strap for around the waist if you are a’ velo. There is a discreet padded pocket on the reverse side (against your body) that is smart phone size. Various outer and inner zipped pockets too. The long strap can get to be a bit of a faff sometimes, but there is a sleeve in the back for stowing it too (it doesn’t detach). // Summary: really well designed, discreet ‘manbag’ that is smart, holds easily enough for a portable ‘office’, and can be carried in various ways. My go to ‘life’ bag. // 355g 4 litre capacity £50

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