Waymaking is an anthology of adventure writing, poetry and art by fifty women. @vertebrate_publishing aspire to publish it in Autumn 2018 to give a greater voice to female authors and artists working in this genre (as an example only 2 of the top 100 mountaineering books on Amazon today are written by women !). ‘Waymaking aims to continue the legacies of Gwen Moffat’s ‘Space Below My Feet’ and Nan Shepherd’s ‘The Living Mountain’ which set a precdent for women writing about wilderness that isn’t about conquering landscapes, but instead about living and breathing alongside them, becoming part of a larger adventure’.

The publishers have started a @kickstarter campaign to launch Waymaking which you can find my typing ‘Kickstarter Waymaking’ in to a search engine. Support options start at just £17 and you can also pledge without a reward. 100% of the royalties from Waymaking will be split equally between the John Muir Trust and Rape Crisis.

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