A review of a bag. / The beginning. … The Egress Pocket by @revelatedesigns . It’s an RF welded, roll top closure, bar bag. It’s waterproof. It takes about 25 seconds to fit and about 10 to remove. Detached it can be carried by hand, over the shoulder (strap inc), or threaded on to a belt to make a bum bag. Inside it there is a padded tech protector sleeve which also has a zipped pocket. The closure hook is excellent and cinches the whole thing up to minimise wobble. It fits on the front of the Sweetroll handlebar bag for overnighters and long journeys or, on its own fitted to your bars, it will hold phone + gloves + beer tokens + windshirt + camera + Frogskins + a little bottle of Old Spice for Men. I ordered mine from @keep_pedalling ,you can also order from @panniercc (the bag that is, not the Old Spice). // The End.

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