An afternoon spent on a ‘Discovering the Broke Road’ walk with Jo and Emily who are outreach / education officers for the @peakdistrictnationalpark . The walk was aimed at all ages and all abilities and was definitely a ‘get stuck in’ afternoon. We started by making play-doh replicas if things that migt have lived in the area 350M years ago (when it was a tropical sea). We went on to do some immersive activities with plants and colours, and also some analysis of the strata, and porousness, of the rocks that make up the ‘Mother Hill’. Concurrent with our little exploration, was an assessment of the suitability of the bottom part of the ‘broken road’ as a trail for disabled hillgoers using various modes of mobility, by PDNPA staff and @accessiblederbyshire All in all a fun and informative afternoon. Oh, and it rained too.

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