Did i mention that i lead walks both in the Peak District, and across the UK ? Sometimes just for one person up that hill they’ve always wanted to walk up. • Sometimes for one person where i walk 100 metres ahead of them so that they can spend a mindful day walking in the hills, ordering their thoughts, without needing to focus on going the right way. • Sometimes with a mother and her adult daughter so that they can both learn to navigate and head off together on hill-walking adventures in the future. • Sometimes for an elderly couple to the top of a hill, slowly and steadily, so that they can look back down on the town where they live, for the first time in thirty years. • Sometimes for all the execs of a Midlands steel company so that they can spend a day, with phones turned off, walking, and talking, and laughing about anything and everything except work, and recharge and reconnect. • Sometimes with eleven staff from an NHS Trust who all work somewhere in that hospital but never have the time to stop and have a bloomin’ good natter with folk from other departments, and join the dots. • Sometimes with forty school children hiding quietly in the grass downwind of a herd of deer listening to the stags roar, and writing poems and blog posts and tweeting about it back in school later. •• It’s all walking, but it’s never just a walk. / Link and a little video in profile 👆 // All 📷©️

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