If you turn your climate change alarm off, it was an exceptional weather weekend.

Gritstone Edges with my son on Friday (a ground recce for becoming a volunteer Ring Ouzel monitor this season).

Walking and climbing around Teggs Nose and Macclesfield forest on Saturday.

Pedalling around the Derwent Valley on Sunday.

Great weather …. but saddening to see the condition (illegal parking, fires, litter, trespass) that the National Park suffers every time the weather shines. This is only my opinion, but i think the reduction / absence of Rangers in the National Park conducting ‘patrols’ and offering advice and guidance leaves a knowledge / education gap where some people just don’t know that what they are doing is in breach of NP rules of National laws, and there is nobody around to advise them thus. So how do we ‘teach’ respect for the countryside and upland areas ??

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