Tinned tuna

Tinned Tuna Time. Lunch on a long walk in in the Pyrenees about 15 years ago. The day is now *fondly* remembered as The Day of the Shower Token Incident. 30+ centigrade and 20km and 1200m ascent. There is two full ropes plus a fortnights trekking and climbing gear in the sack. @fozzybear08 took the photo. He is carrying an equally burdened sack plus, on his front, the sack of a young soldier who was suffering in the heat. When we got to the refuge, about 2 hours behind the lighter-laden rest of the group we found the Second Lieutenant in the group rehydrated and freshly showered having sorted themselves out with one of the one dozen solar shower tokens, but hadn’t bothered paying 1€ per token so that the human mules could shower when they arrived. I’m fairly certain that SSgt Farnes dramatically expanded the vocabulary of 2Lt Goldsmith during the day’s debrief.

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