I am not on strike today. My salary is paid by membership fees and donations from members of the public who are passionate about protecting the countryside of the Peak District National Park, High Peak, South Yorkshire, and 6 parishes in NE Derbyshire. Most of the swathe of England in the photograph. I will spend the day working. That’s not to say that I do not support the strike for climate action – i absolutely do, particularly the overwhelming upsurge in activism from the ‘next generation’ who’s life and longevity on this planet will be massively impacted by the ignorance, negligence, consumption, and consumerism of my generation and of my parents generation. If you have the means to do something with your ‘day of action’ I would urge you to actually engage in something that benefits the environment near to you, readresses your consumption of resources, supports a local group or collective of environmental activists, or reconnects you with the physical and mental benefits of countryside. The government in Britain, like the vast majority of governments around the world, has proven itself ignorant to, and unmoved by, mass demonstration. Again, if you have the means please spend today actually doing something, however small, to challenge and combat the impending climate catastrophe, rather than standing in a very large crowd talking about it. I don’t say that to berate those striking, i say it because action to address the causes of the catastrophe is beyond urgent.

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