Peak. Dark. Cold. Homeward. I round the bend at Fiddlers Elbow and see a sleeve sticking out in to the road. Stop. Jump out. Two Sri Lankan men. ‘Anywhere near Sheffield mister’. Yeah jump in. They had left the city centre at 6am and walked via the Porter Valley, Burbage, and Stanage. Then they appear to have ‘got a bit lost’ and had found the road near Overstones Farm …. then ran out of daylight. One of the two was visiting fron Portsmouth and was carrying all his luggage all day. // Fancy meeting a bloke with 3 spare seats who’s passionate about the National Park and about walking and walkers. // I dropped them near the railway station. They just kept saying ‘quicker than walking …. we’d never have made it …. thank you very much’, and asking if the road i found them on was ‘popular with hitchikers’. Not in the dark in December i replied. You could sense their relief in the handshake and their cheery ‘happy new year’.

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