Early doors dog walk.

Then on foot to Stanage.

Sat in various OP’s looking and listening for Ring Ouzels. None seen.

Folk arriving now. In droves.

Dogs off leads. Farm stock and wildlife bothered. Bellends.

Out of the wind and in to the Cave for a brew up.

I wander out the way to some boulders and faff around doing some reps in big boots and a sack. Cold. The finger that was operated on last Spring quickly turns in to a frozen sausage.

Reading gritstone with hands.

Groups of people, some a dozen large, wandering about.

Isolated on a sheeptrod across the moor.

‘Tuck tuck tuck’ …. stop dead.

I know there’s some ‘stuff’ going on just now but chances are i just saw two female Ring Ouzels. A different species facing its own significant threats (from humans).

Turn towards Burbage then the Porter Valley then home …

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