It’s at (pandemic) times like these when social media brings out it’s good, it’s bad and it’s very very ugly. Shaving ones feeds, or indeed starting ‘serious’ and ‘entertainment’ feeds helps you cut through the chaff.

There’s some brilliant funnies flying round to keep everyone entertained. There’s also some hugely insightful and educated takes on these most serious of times, with very learned folks willing to not only fight the virus, or conduct the science and healthcare round the margins, but to take to social media to give up the analysis and the insights.

I’ve been in to social media for a very long time, and between work work, play work, and play, i probably have 15 feeds running. What still amazes me is the ‘power of a single tweet’. The ones that cut through the noise rainbow, stop you dead, and make good shit happen asap.

I think the person that explained the potential of the ‘good done quick’ of social media was Christian Payne (aka Documentally). We met at the Do Lectures in 2012. His story of his ‘lighbulb’ moment with social media is brilliant, as is his telling of it. Oh and his newsletter remains the only one of an awful lot that i get weekly that i sit down and read in full – please do subscribe to the paid version if you are able. Christian can be found at …

What happened …

and Telling the story

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