I rode a bicycle. I rode it up the Mayfield Valley-Houndkirk-Burbage-Stanage-Long Causeway-Redmires-Porter Clough. // Lambs and llamas in the Mayfield Valley. Houndkirk bone dry. A cacophony of nature all the way up Burbage. Many Ouzels in Burbage (pic 2). One self belayer. Three folks on weed and Strongbow. North Lees literally aloud with birds. Buzzard, Skylark, Curlew. Birdsong so constant as if it was coming through headphones. Wave to the cave (Pic 4). A few campervans. The Long Causeway seated. Stanedge Pole. Sunset over Win Hill. The temperature drops. Boneshaker to Redmires. Men in cars discussing cars. Vape. Somebody has pizza. All was well. Roper bloody Hill. Stef from @panniercc zooms past me ‘chasing a record’ ? Past Benrevic Kennels where Isla was bred. The Upper Mayfield beautiful and green. A Curlew. Turn in to the gravel descent of the Porter Valley. Quick chat to Andy Jones photographing hares. Gravel madness. Fulwood. People. Cars. Odd. Back lanes. Big houses. Bigger houses. Last little up, then down. Stop. Eat the other half of the banana. Wash Geraldine. Dusty. Sunburnt. The End.

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