Bit of a spat this morning over an article telling us how to ‘walk properly’ in the physiological and psychological sense. Social media and the wider web are alive with nigh on condemnation of people that haven’t learnt three languages, knocked out 25 one arm pull ups, and grown organic kale in all this ‘free time’. On any given day of any given year it matters not which part of the foot you lead with when you’re walking, or what your arms are doing. Really it doesn’t. It matters that you’re off your bum, out in whatever fresh air you can find, and propelling yourself forward. End of. In these extraordinary times the importance of this simple act has grown exponentially. // If you want to read something brilliant about walking that steers a long way away from suggesting you’re ‘doing it wrong’, read ‘Walking’ by Erling Kagge. If you want to ‘see’ rather than just ‘look’ at what is around you whilst you’re walking, read ‘How to connect with nature’ by @thenaturalnavigator Both books are tiny and fit in a small pocket and can be dipped in to for a few pages when you stop and have your mid walk packet of monster munch. JustWalk™️

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