(Stock image). The Hathersage On-Call fire brigade are currently at Robin Hoods Cave on Stanage Edge. The belevdere seemingly stocked with a cache of wood and equipment and the attendees have departed and left their fire going. //

I spent yesterday afternoon chatting to lots of organisations and residents, and analysing any new / different trends in visitor type and numbers to the NP, in order to see if the current messaging is appropriate. The visitor numbers to the NP adjacent to Sheffield are staggeringly high. The sole focus of many of the wardens is getting to fires as soon as possible. There is a section of society that are currently ignoring the pleas about not using BBQs or starting fires.

If you are out and about this weekend please remain vigilant to the threat of fire and inform the emergency services. The countryside and moorland is a tinderbox at the moment. Go safely and sensibly.

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