Many of us are concerned about the growing disconnect between people and the natural environment. There has been huge amounts written about both the physical and mental wellbeing benefits of nature, and how a ‘nature defecit’ impacts human health. One of the key considerstions for a huge gamut of people is how to engage the younger generation, in their high-speed digitally distracted lifestyle, in the importance of the natural environment. The author and naturalist @marycolwell1 has spent nigh on a decade now trying to get a GCSE in Natural History introduced. Today, on #worldenvironmentday (the key theme this year is biodiversity !), a public consultation has been launched. The new GCSE would seek to encourage an understanding of nature and promote it’s protection. The GCSE could be running in schools by September 2022. • ‘This consultation is an important step in helping to shape early thinking about what a GCSE in Natural History might look like. It starts by seeking your views on the purpose of Natural History – what Natural History is – before going on to explore key themes such as conservation, the early world, and the study of flora and fauna. We are interested, too, in the practicalities and the importance of observing nature in real situations outside the classroom’. • Please do consider adding your thoughts and suggestions to the consultation before 19 July 2020 –

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