48th. Work ‘til noon. Make a cuppa. Open a present. A bonkers brilliant ‘letter box’ live tree (via @bloomandwild ). Plant, decorate, and turn on the lights. Open another present, a ‘mobile’ cheeseboard and ‘hidden’ knives for in the little microcamper (via @dustandthings ). Open another present – the lyrics to one of my very favourite songs ‘Northern Skies’ by I Am Kloot handwritten for me by John Bramwell him good self. Go to @porterbrookdeli to show off the board and replenish the cheese stash. Go to @lacoppola and watch Dave make my birthday sammich in the oven. Then to Stanage. A ritual of sorts. In to Robin Hood’s Cave. Sit down, brew up, and take stock. Then along the foot of the crag walks @johnnydawes. Up he comes and @bruichladdich, hot water, chocolate orange, and dried mango are shared. Quite the cave picnic. Lovely to see him. Back home then in the driving mizzle. A lap of the park with the labrador. Oh and a bottle of what i think is the first year from the Carr Head vineyard in the Hope Valley, and a mug with the Botanical Gardens bear on it (he and i share the same outline !). Very very grateful for people, place, and presents. Thank you so much 😘

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