Gaseous …

(A partly true story). Just imagine. You’ve taken the red cap cover off your gas cartridge and half used it over a few meals or brews in your stove in your camper car …. It’s not the best propane butane mix so, one cold morning you open another cartridge, as the fuller one burns better (or so it seems). You’ve long since binned the red cap off the first cartridge. You pop the red cap off the second cartridge in your pocket (instead of placing it on the nipple of the half filled cannister), and you put the half filled one on its side in the tray under the stove. You drive off from wherever you were to wherever you’re going. Imagine you had a Gransfor Bruks small axe in the tray under the stove, or something equally quite hard. Imagine that whilst driving, the half used cannister had managed to roll in to a postition where it rested against said axe nipple end first. Imagine if, a while later, you’d driven somewhere to sleep, or perhaps to sit a while and smoke your Peterson Pipe. Imagine if in your sleep you’d inhaled the other half of the cannister that had leaked in the night, or indeed (if you did smoke a pipe ((i used to on ops)) and you’d flipped open your Zippo inside a little camper full of half a cannister of propane butane mix. Imagine ….

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