The kids are alreet …

Teenage siblings on their way home whilst running a loop from a suburb of Sheffield to the hills above Redmires. The sole of one of their shoes comes off (can’t run). Their phone is dead. They were appropriately dressed until they ended up having to walk and it started snowing. Getting cold. Quite ‘boldly’, given all the stuff about talking to strangers, they stopped me and asked to use my phone to ring their parents. I got them out of the wind in to a copse, they rang their parents (who don’t own a vehicle) to let them know they were safe. They then used my spare battery pack to charge their phone to order an Uber. I gave them a Tunnocks each and we fussed Isla until the white rescue mobile arrived. They were very grateful, and their Dad text me and called me a ‘ledge’ (apparently that’s a ‘legend’ as opposed to an ideal place to belay from). I’m a huge fan of young people using initiative to sort out real world problems – and these two – apart from a bit of sibling squabbling 😂 – were great 👏👏👏

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