Cannabis factory hastily dumped in to a stream in the beautiful (SSSI) Porter Valley, Sheffield

100+ bags of various waste including fertiliser dropped down a 10 metre ravine in to the water course.

I hastily organised a clean-up and spent the morning with 5 people i’d never met before abseiling, hauling and dragging the stuff out. Really grateful for the effort and banter of the strangers lending a hand, and to the young girl and her mum that brought us tea and cake.

I do have to make the observation though that the number of people that turned up to help is about 1/100th of the people that stuck a ‘really unhappy’ emoji about the flytipping on social media but were too busy to come out. Perhaps i’m just not used to people walking past and taking photos of other people as they heave on a rope to haul the crap out. Or telling me where there’s some more that needs clearing up.

I ended up taking the facebook post down as dozens of people were telling me where other rubbish was …. but declining to report it to the council ?? It takes <1 min to submit the report.

As General Morrison (Austrailian Army) said ‘the standard you walk past is the standard you accept’

As Yvon Chouinard said ‘to do good you actually have to do something’

The bags are now stacked on the side of the brook and accessible by the waste contractors.

Grey wagtails, dippers and a nuthatch seen playing …

Many thanks to the council for shifting the stuff a day later. Another cannabis factory has been dumped a mile away …..

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